Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me

Did you know that if you get caught speeding in Metro as long as you are going less than 15 miles over the speed limit they do not report you to the state or file the ticket with your insurance company?? That's what a little birdie who happens to work at the Tennessee Bureau of Traffic Violations told me. I promised her that her secret would be safe with me so "SHHHHHHHH, lets just keep it between you and I.


*TARA* said...

Well ,that's good to know. Thanks for sharing :)
Your layout and picture is the sweetest. It looks So Pretty! xoxo

Wendy Anderson said...

I hope this is the case with your recent ticket! I've had several tickets in Metro and they've always shown up on my record and made my dang insurance go up! I guess I just have a heavy foot :)My hubby is a police sgt with Metro and he just laughed when I told him this and said it was def not the case unless someone doesn't do their job in records. He said it happens quite often due to the paper volume in records but not to count on it! I hope that you're one of the lucky ones ;)